Sinkhole Activity - How do I file a sinkhole claim and what happens after I do so?
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How do I file a sinkhole claim and what happens next?

How do I file a sinkhole claim?Call your insurance company and tell them about the damage to your home or property. They will collect information from you and begin your claim. According to Florida law, your insurance company is required to cover damage related to sinkhole activity. They are required to send a geologist or geotechnical engineer to conduct testing at your property to determine whether or not a sinkhole is present. Testing usually takes several days which may be spread out over the course of several weeks. Initial testing may consist of GPR (ground penetrating radar) and ER (electrical resistivity) studies to detect anomalies under the ground. Later, SPT (standard penetration testing) may be conducted, in which a drilling rig is used to bore a hole into the earth.

If sinkhole activity is detected, your insurance company will solicit repair estimates. If sinkhole activity is not found, your insurance company may deny your claim for damages.

At Marshall Thomas, P.L., we assist consumers with all stages of sinkhole claims, from the initial filing of the claim to the final settlement. If your claim is denied because sinkhole activity is not found, we can review the data to ensure the proper testing was conducted. If sinkhole activity is confirmed, we ensure you are fully compensated for your loss.