Sinkhole Activity: My insurance company confirmed sinkhole activity and has recommended grouting.
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My insurance company has confirmed a sinkhole and has recommended grouting

My Insurance company has confirmed a sinkhole and has recommended grouting Marshall Thomas, P.L. can assist you even if you have already filed a sinkhole claim and your insurance company has confirmed the presence of sinkhole activity.

If your insurance company confirms a sinkhole, they will solicit repair estimates from several repair companies. Most of the time, these companies recommend grouting (the pumping of concrete under the ground) as the sole method of repair. Your insurance company will take the lowest repair estimate and usually offer to pay you that amount of money to settle your claim. BEWARE! Most grouting companies do not give a final estimate for the repairs they will conduct. There is NO WAY to determine how much concrete will be needed to grout a particular area. If you read the grouting company’s contract, it will likely say that the homeowner will be responsible for any charges over and above the initial estimate. Depending on how much grout is actually needed, you could end up paying double the amount your insurance company has paid you!

Before you accept an insurance settlement for grouting repairs, call us for a free consultation to ensure your rights are protected. Even if the grouting repairs cost much more than the amount you received from your insurance company, once you sign a release or your claim, you cannot recover any additional money!