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Selling or repairing your damaged home

Selling or repairing a sinkhole homeAfter the resolution of a sinkhole claim, many homeowners are left feeling unsure of their options. Marshall Thomas, P.L. continues to advocate our clients’ interests long after their claim is technically settled.

Your home is usually your biggest investment. The idea of having your home or business deemed a “sinkhole property” is terrifying to many property owners. An un-repaired sinkhole property is usually worth much less than market value. At Marshall Thomas, P.L., we assist our clients with the sale of their home after the conclusion of their claim. We are able to recommend several reputable companies that engage in the purchase of sinkhole properties.

Keep in mind, under Florida law, you MUST disclose the presence of sinkhole activity at your property when you sell your home.

If you decide to repair your home, we assist in selecting only the most respected repair companies and are happy to review any repair contracts or documents on our clients’ behalf.