Sinkhole Repair, Remediation, Grouting is a method of sinkhole repair or remediation in which concrete is pumped under the ground.
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Sinkhole repair

Sinkhole repair - Grouting and Underpinning GROUTING

Grouting is a method of sinkhole repair or remediation in which concrete is pumped under the ground. This is the most inexpensive method of subsurface repair and may also be the most unreliable. There is NO WAY to determine where the concrete is going or how much will be needed. Most grouting companies also will not guarantee their repairs, meaning that if your home or business begins cracking after the initial grouting is completed, you may have to pay for any additional repairs.

Many structural engineers feel that grouting alone is a structurally insufficient method of repair. Grouting in conjunction with underpinning is more widely accepted as a proper method to stabilize the foundation of a structure.


Underpinning is a method of subsurface repair in which metal piers are driven into the ground and imbedded in the underlying limestone. Once the piers are secured into the limestone, they are then attached to your home or business with brackets. Underpins are usually installed around the perimeter of the structure at set intervals. If needed, pins can also be placed under the interior of the structure, such as under interior load bearing walls. When interior pins are needed, the homeowner often has to move out and flooring must be removed for installation.

Exterior perimeter underpinning, coupled with interior pinning, is widely considered the best way to stabilize a structure where sinkhole activity is present. Some grout may also be added to provide lateral support to the pins. Underpinning is often a very expensive process, the cost of which may exceed available property insurance limits. For this reason, insurance companies rarely recommend this method of repair because payment of full policy limits is often warranted.

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